• If you lose your admin password from:

    • foreman
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Installer

    you can run this command as root to reset the password:

    $ sudo foreman-rake permissions:reset
    Reset to user: admin, password: XXXXXXXXXX

    Admin password is stored in Postgres table users inside foreman database:

    id | login             | admin | password_hash | password_salt
     1 | foreman_admin     |     t |               |
     2 | foreman_api_admin |     t |               |
     3 | admin             |     t |            XX |           XX

    • Development

      PHP, Zend Framework, Python, Django, Perl, C, Java.
      JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, XML, XSL.
      UML, Merise, Eclipse, SVN, Git, Mercurial.

    • Web & Cloud Architecture

      Linux administration (Debian, Ubuntu Server, Redhat).
      Solaris and Windows Server administration.
      Deployed with heavy load : Apache, Lighttpd, Flash media server, Icecast, Red5.
      Postfix, Sendmail, Qmail, OpenLDAP, Bind, NIS, NFS, Samba, SSH,
      Netapp administration (data OnTap).
      KVM, Xen, libvirt.
      Cloud computing : OpenStack, Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, VPC, Auto Scaling).
      Configuration management : Puppet, Chef.
      Monitoring : Shinken, Nagios, Cacti, RRDtool , MRTG, Cricket.
      Database : MySQL (tuning, replication), PostgreSQL (tuning, replication), Oracle, SQL Server.
      Memcached, Redis, MongoDB.
      Google Apps for Business mail administration.

      LVS HA, Varnish, HAProxy.
      Cisco routers (BGP), VPN IPsec, OpenVPN, fiber deployment.
      Iptables Firewalling, PKI Aladdin.
      VoIP Alcatel.

    • Team Management

      Supervising and leading a team of developers/project managers.
      Recruitment: preparing and issuing tenders, interviews.
      Introduction of Scrum method of agile development.
      Negotiation of services.
      Budget management.
      Implementation of dashboards and project technical performance.
      Organization of the training plan.

      Project management.
      Organization of project schedules, budget monitoring time.